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What documents do i need before signing up?

We are unable to check all the documents physically since our presence being online. However, you must own the property you wish to let OR you should have valid documents if you are managing the property on behalf of someone and must have valid ownership documents. You must have building insurance certificate, gas and electric safety check certificates, all appliances should be tested ok and in working condition, HMO license if required, water testing report or certificate, EPC certificate and all other relevant documents.

When my property will be live on the market?

As soon as the payment is received, your property is live mostly on the same day or within next 24 hours.

How do I make payment?

You will receive an email to make the payment either over the phone or by automated link on your email (extra 2 payable for processing per transaction) or by bank transfer (no extra charge). Once you make the payment simply let us know either by email or a phone call. Making payment means you confirm and accept that you have above mentioned all other relevant documents with you, and could present if asked.

How many properties can I advertise with BIG Street?

Depending on the package you have chosen, you can advertise as many as you want.

How do I give you my property details and photographs?

You can register your property here. OR fill out a property description form or simply send us an email with descriptions including photos. We may analyse them before advertising. Confused about taking pictures? Worry not. Give us a ring and our experts will help you get better pictures of your property.

What if I need to make some amendments in property description afterwards?

Yes, you can simply email us the changes or amendments you wish to do using your reference number and we will do it for you without any charge. Absolutely FREE.

I am not a professional photographer, what should I do?

If your property is within our travelling distance limit, you can very much get this service by paying additional 60 per property (20-25 pictures). Just give us a ring for more details. But, if you are able to manage the pictures on your own, we will still be able to help.

What is the validity of my property advertisement?

Your property will be advertised according to the package you have chosen. I.e. 60 days, 90 days, unlimited period. Once the property is let, it would automatically be taken out of the market. Should you wish to advertise the same property again, you will need to choose the desired package again.

How shall I receive an enquiry?

Its so simple! We send you interested tenant's details on your email or by text so that you can access the enquiries on the go.

What documents do I need to check from tenant?

Valid photo id, valid national id, right to rent check documents, valid student id (for student tenant), employer letter, bank statements, pay slips etc. You can also ask for more if you require.

What happens after I pick a tenant?

Great. Once you have chosen your tenant after checking required documents and IDs, just let us know and we will process the application as per the package you have chosen.

If you wish to perform a reference check on your tenant, let us know and we will get in touch with the tenant on your behalf. This service is chargeable to tenant 45 (incl. VAT) per tenant/ applicant and FREE for landlords. The process takes upto 3 to 5 working days or depends upon applicant's circumstances. Once the tenant is accepted, we will let you know so that you could make move in arrangements for your tenant.

If the tenant's application is rejected, you will be informed and you can finally decide whether you still want the tenant or not. If not, the deposit will be returned to the tenant if we have collected.

Where and when the deposit is registered?

For smoother tenancy process, we register the deposit into Govt. approved deposit scheme into landlord's custodial deposit account. Normally we use DPS. This gives you a greater flexibility to manage and release the deposit at the end of tenancy.

Normally, it is registered once the tenant has moved in the property. Just inform us by email, text or phone call that the tenant has moved in and we will register the deposit accordingly.

How do the tenant and my self sign the tenancy agreement?

Its very simple and secure like never before. First the tenant signs the tenancy agreement digitally and then it gets sent to you, where you also sign the same digitally. And you are done. You can find the sample read only copy of AST agreement here.

Is e-signature or digital signature valid and authentic?

Online identification or digital signing is becoming increasingly important in this e-commerce era. The Electronic Communications Act 2000 contributes to making the UK the best and safest place to do electronic commerce. It aims to build confidence in electronic communications, and creates a legal framework for electronic commerce to thrive, both in the private and public sectors and makes sure you are in safe hands.

How does the tenant sign the standing order mandate?

We will ask tenants to set up a standing order with their bank using your bank details and provide us a screen shot/ proof. Simple!

Important document I must provide to the tenant when they move in?

1 Oct 2015 - As part of this landlords must provide an up to date version of the How to rent guide. Your contact details, emergency numbers etc.

Will I get 24x7 assistance?

Yes, our lettings professionals will be happy to assist you through email or over the phone not only from beginning to the end but also any assistance needed after sales. Be rest assured you are in caring hands.

Are you a member of Redress Scheme?

Yes, we are a member of Property Redress Scheme (PRS). This is to make sure you get better service and advice.

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